Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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We are a company that is here to give you the fresh news from the world of acting. You will find all sorts of news from all sorts of branches. News that are related to acting, movies, theater and many other branches. We are keeping up to date, and we will give you the newest happenings in the life of those that are on the screen and off the screen. If you are a fan, then you know how their life is exciting, and with our help, you can see how it’s like to be a star.

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Billy Bob Thompson

Billy Bob Thompson

This man is a famous guy. He gave his voice to Squishy. No, that is not soda. Squishy is a Pokémon. If you are...
Becoming An Actor

Becoming An Actor

To become and actor one must do more than graduate from an acting university. You need to have talent. Talent is the major factor...

How To Be A Voice Actor?

First, we will have to tell you that not every actor can be a voice actor. It all depends on the situation. First, it...