First, we will have to tell you that not every actor can be a voice actor. It all depends on the situation. First, it would be a good idea to know how to create different voices. You will also need to know how to adjust your voice if the director doesn’t like it or thinks that it should be changed a little bit. As you can see, not only that you will need to know how to make more than one voice, but you will need to know how to make it different. So as you can see, not all people are good for voice acting. Some actors have voices that are designed for a specific type of characters. And they are lucky. That is why they are not always in all cartoons. Some actors have voices that you can recognize when you hear them.

Different voices, different possibilities

Different voices, different possibilitiesTo be a good voice actor, you don’t have to be famous. Most of the regular actors will be hired because people already know their voice because they are famous. And the producer will estimate if their voice is good for the character that needs to be voiced. For example, in children cartoons, voices that are high in pitch and extremely low voices are good because they are funny. Kids love them. Goofy voices are also good for these types of cartoons. But today, there aren’t any general rules. Directors will even choose a serious voice if the character needs to be serious. So as you can see, it all comes to the estimation of each character and their voice. You will not hire an actor that has a nice tone if the character is a bull for example. You will hire a man with a deep voice.

The general opinion

In general, people believe that each character has its voice type. It all comes down to the wishes of the staff and the people who are making a cartoon or a movie. So there are no general rules about it. It’s the directors choice.

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