Billy Bob Thompson

This man is a famous guy. He gave his voice to Squishy. No, that is not soda. Squishy is a Pokémon. If you are a fan of Pokémon, then you will certainly know which Pokémon we are talking about. But this man is probably famous with his role and voice acting in general. He joined the Pokémon team in the fourteenth season. You wouldn’t believe, but he gave voices to a lot of characters in the Pokémon series. He is also known as a great comedian in NYC. But to give so many voices to so many different characters is a real talent. Just imagine the different changes in your voice to imitate more than 20 characters. That is something, to be honest, and you can try and imitate just a couple of voices. You will see that it is too hard.

Born with those skills

Born-with-those-skillsPeople like Billy Bob Thompson are people who are born with those skills. There is no simple way to put it. You have to be a talent, or you have to be born with those skills. On the other hand, you also got to have some god listening and ear skills to create or at least repeat so many different sounds. Usually, comedians are known to be good singers and actors, not to mention voice actors. The ability to transform into another person in a couple of seconds is simply remarkable. And to transform into more than 20 different characters is a miracle. There are many actors and comedians out there, but we think that Billy is a unique actor. Also, more than 20 characters mean that you voice range needs to be pretty wide.

The voice range

As we said, to give a voice to more than 20 characters, you will need to have a vocal range that is impressive. A range that is long and wide so to speak. You don’t find a lot people with these capabilities. So that is why Billy is probably among the top vocal actors in the world.

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